Winding Specification
* Outer diameter: 300mm
* Inner diameter: 50mm
* Height : 150mm
* Wire size : 25-13 SWG
* Speed : 120 rpm

Other Specification
* Input 230V AC
* Power : 815W
* PF : 0.71
* Torque: 38.27 N-m


Winma-T320 is a toroidal winding machine made to wind the cores with wire gauge
of 0.05mm – 3.00mm. The machine is controlled by electronics and the software specially
designed for this machine. Machine controlling parameters can be edited using keys and
with the help of display. The user can edit and save up to 499 different programs which
helps in avoiding the re-editing of the program.
The character display in the machine displays 16 characters in 2 lines. The editable
character is shown using blinking cursor in the display. The cursor moves according to the
‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’ key press. The value can be increased from 0-9 by pressing ‘UP’ key and
can be decreased by pressing ‘DOWN’ key. The display shows many different windows for
editing the parameter. The user must read the manual carefully before editing the programs.
The display has a main menu from where the required action can be selected. In the main
menu there are 3 options available EDIT, COPY and RUN. The user has to select which
function he needs to do. For selecting the functions he has to press ‘LEFT’ or ‘RIGHT’ key
according to the curser position and ‘ENTER’ key for selecting the option.


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